VAN SON KIRÉINA ES powder free offset inks

For powder free printing in conventional offset printing.
This revolutionary ink series does not require the application of spray powder to avoid set-off or blocking before the ink film is chemically dry.
Best One KIRÉINA ES incorporates the latest in varnish and resin technology. The newly developed binder technology allows for less and even powder free printing in conventional offset printing. KIRÉINA ES dries by penetration and fast oxidation, complies with ISO 2846-1 and prints in accordance with ISO 12647-2. Due to the very fast drying characteristics of the KIRÉINA ES it is not recommend to use IR drying.
As well as excellent on press characteristics, KIRÉINA ES offers good drying and rub resistance qualities when used on paper and board ranging from coated, matt & silk, to uncoated and recycled. For further details check the KIRÉINA ES product page.
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