High speed process ink series designed to meet
the demands of today's printing industry.
ULTIMATE Process Yellow
The ULTIMATE is a versatile and user friendly high speed process ink series with fast, controlled water pick up for quick make-readies and consistent colour control throughout the print run. A lower tack means it’s suitable for printing on light weight coated papers (LWC) and its slower setting speed allied to a rapidly forming, immobile ink film make it an ideal choice for high speed perfecting presses (4+4).

The ULTIMATE is a high speed process ink in a duct fresh formulation with good drying and rub-resistance characteristics across a wide range of substrates and possesses excellent work and turn properties enabling printed sheets to be further processed with minimum delay. The ULTIMATE process series is manufactured in accordance with ISO-2846-1 and will therefore print in accordance with ISO 12647-2.

The ULTIMATE is a high speed process ink series designed to meet the demands of today’s print industry. Developed for use on all sheet fed offset presses, including perfecting presses, and in conjunction with conventional fount solutions plus IPA, or IPA substitute fount solutions.
Suitable for all straight and perfecting sheet fed offset presses
Fast work and turn properties
Prints in accordance with ISO 12647-2
Low tack
Suitable for use with aqueous coatings, UV varnish and lamination
Duct fresh
Compatible with IPA and IPA substitutes
High gloss
IR reactive for faster setting and drying