Tough Tex

Specially formulated for printing in offset
on non-porous substrates.
Formulated to dry by oxidation and containing special varnishes will bind Tough Tex inks to a wide variety of non-porous stocks. Tough Tex will anchor to most materials which do not have a fibrous structure and as such do not absorb ink and fountain water. Tough Tex inks do not contain mineral oil.

Tough Tex inks are free from agressive solvents, which could harm inkrollers, rubberblankets or the surface of the substrate. Tough Tex inks can also be used on chromolux and conventional paper stocks, when drying properties are insufficient, using regular quickset offset inks.

Tough Tex inks have been specially formulated for printing in offset on non-porous substrates, such as foils, self-adhesive vinyl materials, plastics and transparents, which are offset-prepared. The special varnishes on which the Tough Tex inks are based help it dry very fast by oxidation to a hard finish.