Especially formulated ink for printing
business forms and envelopes.
This ink offers fast setting on uncoated paper and is fully overnight. Rotason inks have been specially developed for printing business forms and envelopes on high-speed offset presses. Rotason inks, especially at high speeds, guarantees smooth and problem-free printing.

Rotason does not dry on the rollers or in the duct. Washing or spraying is not required during long down times of the press. Rotason inks are also economical, they do not dry in the can, so therefore no skin and loss of ink.
Rotason is available from stock in the process colours and a dense universal black.

Rotason, a superior offset ink with the unique combination of fast setting and outstanding press stability on high-speed presses.
Outstanding press stability
Very fast setting
Fully overnight
No skinning
Drying by absorption