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VAN SON KIRÉINA ES powder free offset inks

Imagine offset printing without the need to use spray powder and the ability to keep your presses and pressroom clear of spray powder deposits. This is now a reality for operators of conventional, straight sheetfed offset presses following the introduction of Van Son's Best One KIRÉINA ES.
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ULTIMAX Process Yellow

ULTIMAX Cobalt Free

When it comes to ink, Van Son can take your green initiatives to the next level with ULTIMAX, a cobalt-free formulated high end process ink series intended for the commercial, packaging and label printing market segments.
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ROBUSTO Process Yellow

ROBUSTO Duct Fresh

A truly fountain fresh formulation, ROBUSTO embodies the characteristics required to fulfill the production demands and high performance targets of today’s printer. This high speed process ink series features fast controlled ink/water balance and excellent press stability during the entire print job.
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